How to open up the fruit shop to guide the decoration

nutritional value of fruits do not say we all know, and people’s living standards have improved a lot, eating fruit is not bad money, so the fruit shop business is getting better and better. Open a fruit shop is the dream of many friends. So, how to open a fruit shop decoration? Fruit shop how to decorate in order to attract consumers? We look at the following aspects.

1, planning layout

simply, the fruit shop to decorate concise, green fresh color of the main. Remember that the color is too bright, should be a mild warm tone or fresh and clean blue green. The export and entrance are separated, which is convenient to guide the customer purchasing route. Payment and weighing also separately, saving the time of payment. Do not allow customers to wait for more than 3 minutes, or customers will bother. In the right place on both sides of the door can be fitted with a mirror, so that the fruit shop looks a greater variety, a superb collection of beautiful things, very eye-catching.

2, decoration layout points

(1) hanging branches and fake fruit some plastic on the ceiling above the green, natural, green and healthy concept of outstanding fruit shop.

3, fruit rack and fruit cabinet design points

(3) can not be too high for the edge of fruit, with a height of just a layer of apple is appropriate.

here to remind, fruit shop decoration, it is best to avoid installing a large range of the mirror, many people want to rely on a large area of the mirror decoration appears everywhere to make fruit, with the attention of consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting consumers. In fact, a wide range of mirror furnishings, easy to make the layout of the shop is too messy, and it is easy to distract the attention of customers, it is recommended not to install a wide range of mirrors, wall clean and beautiful.


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