China’s health products industry contains potential business opportunities


with the rapid development of economy, people’s material life condition is getting better and better, eat also is not to mention, but eat well does not mean that we will be able to get healthy, as some people eat a lot of food which leads to their generated a lot of disease. More and more people pay more and more attention to the importance of health. Here’s some information about the health care industry.

and future health care consumers in addition to women and elderly men outside, also will gradually become the mainstream. In terms of the health care industry, the China health products industry based on private economy, the scale of operation is small, franchise chain, modern management methods and the proportion is very small; the management mode, the health care industry is the transition to the comprehensive management of health care in recent years, economy maintained an annual growth rate of nearly 16%, is expected in the future health care institutions will show a diversified development trend.

now Chinese has been released on imported health products, health care products imported into the Chinese market will more quickly, while the international health care products giant will also accelerate the expansion of the market Chinese. In the beauty and health products market Chinese, foreign investment or joint venture market share is close to 80%, and the current domestic health care products only through joint venture, launched in the low-end products to cater to the needs of consumers Chinese.

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