The gabulong spirit in the heart outside of the line

"too moved! Just before the deeds of gabulong know today, see "the grassland", deeper feelings, our age is the need gabulong spirit, we will continue to go down the gabulong footprint." Provincial Women’s Federation propaganda department minister Wu Qian really feel the presence of all the voices of the audience. In January 18th, the Qinghai Grand Theatre continues to gabulong for the creation of the prototype drama "the prairie", provincial government departments and units and enterprises organization of Party members and the masses more than 800 people, this is also the province’s "NPC and CPPCC" during the "prairie" third performances.

"prairie" to Comrade Bron’s real life experience, touching stories and sincere feelings of the heart of the people as the starting point, to show the Qinghai plateau a minority party members and cadres of the faith and spirit of the pursuit of life. Not only the comprehensive use of sound, light, electricity and other means, but also into the fire pit, starter, soft Qinghai musical material, to reproduce the archetypal character’s life story. Simple story, touching scenes reproduction, so that the majority of Party members and cadres of the masses, the soul of shock, the baptism of the mind, the spirit of encouragement.

three consecutive performances, field applause, continue moving. We have said that from Comrade Bron who we learned a servant of feelings such as mountains, water of the true faith, with Comrade Bron as an example, constantly enhance the work sense of responsibility and mission, the spirit of Bron’s heart within and outside of the line, "two a" loyal practitioner to become active practitioner, "four change", gather up a powerful positive energy to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream Qinghai chapter.


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