Xining West Railway Station self service ticket vending machine

August 7th, 4 automatic ticket vending machines in Xining West Railway Station officially opened, which is the Qinghai Tibet railway company to further broaden the channels for the sale of tickets and a convenient measure. Reporters on the scene saw a passenger ticket vending machine in 1 sets, booking tickets in one before, through the touch screen query and select trips information, out of the two generation ID card and bank card with UnionPay logo were read card identification and credit card payment in the specified location, and soon got the order of the train ticket.

it is understood that the automatic ticket machines can be taken to enable the ticket service for Internet booking is successful, the two generation ID card passenger use in the specified position when the brush machine Internet booking, ticket formalities can be completed. The automatic ticket vending machine with automatic ticket machine function at the same time, but also can be handled as the ticket mentioned above passenger business. According to the station staff, self-service ticketing equipment from 4 to trial to date, has produced a ticket to take the amount of 6, this figure is equivalent to the workload of 4 people 2000.

at present, the ticket vending machine can only use the bank card with UnionPay logo for payment, other payment methods can not be used temporarily. In addition, the vending machine does not apply for student tickets and tickets for the disabled soldiers; ordered via the Internet students, children, military tickets and telephone ordering tickets are not the tickets in the ticket machine, must go to the station ticket window.

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