Xining future action clear

By next year, in the eastern city of Xining in the construction of the core position to further enhance the industrial agglomeration is more prominent, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas……" The municipal government recently issued the "agreed to the construction of the eastern city of group of Xining action plan", the future of Xining in the construction of the eastern city of group of seven development goals and focus on the implementation of the content, clearly Xining will build a national Silk Road Economic Belt strategic node city and the main hub of the city and the eastern city of Lanxi Economic Zone group leading the development of the city.

according to the action plan, Xining will further optimize the city space layout, strengthen the central city radiation supporting role, and actively promote the joint development of new and old city, and further opened the city framework, by constructing the city portal, the city living room, construction of cultural heights, cultivate vitality engine, strengthen the center city function. At the same time, the expansion of space, accelerate the construction of three ", accelerate the Beishan market, Dongguan mosque and other area development, accelerate the implementation of the transformation of the old city, improve urban quality, accelerate the construction of city county, improve the overall function, focus on the completion of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau on the most livable city.

at the same time, to promote the integration of production city, new energy and new material as key development areas, efforts to build an important national recycling economy demonstration areas, and promote the building to create the Gan River Industrial Park industrial base, expand services, efforts to build a development of Qaidam Basin and Sanjiang source of ecological protection service base, focus on the implementation of the service industry the flow of Commerce, construction project 25, next year formed 13 service area.

also built around the mainland, strategic communication channel connecting western frontier and Central Asia, through the implementation of 49 major infrastructure projects, and promote Haidong city integration construction of major infrastructure, enhance the construction of transportation and water conservancy infrastructure sharing and interoperability, strengthen support and strategic channel center city the.

action plan at the same time in the eastern part of the city of Xining in the construction of social undertakings, ecological environment construction and reform and innovation in the specific work to clear the direction of development and implementation.


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