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The County Council, the law firms and lawyers notary Notary Office: is an important force in rural legal construction and legal services, in the construction of new socialist countryside, lawyer to participate in the "three rural" work in a variety of ways, for the healthy development of rural economy and rural social harmony and stability, and play a positive role in protecting and safeguarding the legitimate the rights and interests of farmers. Combined with the actual city, is now doing a better job in the city attorney notary work to provide quality legal services for the three rural areas, the following opinions.  
a lawyer Notary Services "three rural" content
(a) good counsel lawyer should actively establish service relationship with the local government for the grass-roots government, as the government legal adviser, to participate in the Government Petition and stability work, carry out legal propaganda interpretation, laws and regulations on Policy Advisory Legal suggestions; lawyer should be actively concerned about problems in rural reform and development the new situation, change and adjustment of legal relationship, the majority of farmers to the government to reflect the demands for the government administration according to law in a timely manner and put forward suggestions. All law firms and notary offices shall sign an agreement with the governments at all levels.
(two) to provide legal services to attention to rural reform and innovation practice all kinds of rural financial institutions and economic organizations, pay attention to the new rural economic organizations, economy (module) generation and development, social management and service mode, looking for business starting way and time. To provide legal services for various economic organizations in rural areas through legal counsel, legal advice, mediation, arbitration, litigation, etc.. Lawyers can also cooperate with the right to land contractual management rights transfer service organizations, to provide legal advice for the circulation of the parties, contract making and signing, dispute mediation services.
(three) to resolve conflicts and disputes, promote social harmony and stability in rural areas actively participate in administrative mediation, judicial mediation, presided over civil mediation activities. In the rapid economic and social changes in rural areas, all kinds of contradictions and disputes will become increasingly apparent. The lawyer should prevent and resolve disputes with government in a timely manner to reflect the demands of the farmers, with ease in the rural group incidents of government organs and play a role in avoiding and solving group incidents, and promote social harmony.
(four) to carry out legal education and legal advocacy rural farmers’ demand for legal knowledge is realistic and urgent, to carry out rural lawyer publicity and legal education activities in a variety of ways, sending law to the countryside legal system in rural areas, set up the law notary auditorium, enhance the legal awareness of farmers, to create a favorable legal environment for the the development of rural economy and society. At present, legal education and legal advocacy in rural areas: the starting point and confirm the contracted management of land circulation; agricultural production loans; agricultural technology development and protection of intellectual property rights; agricultural means of production, purchase and sale, transportation and construction of new rural areas involved in various environmental problems.

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