Free bus send you to see a fair city

In September 10th, reporters from Xining City Transportation Bureau, to effectively carry out the September 15th meeting of the fair city bus transport security work, the convenience of the public and fair city hall, according to the requirements of the municipal government, the city will contact during the bus line opened for free.

it is reported that the City Transportation Bureau of transportation department to co-ordinate the city bus company sent 20 sets of electric buses opened free bus line, and from September 15th to September 18th from the free shuttle people. At the same time, the city bus company during the fair will also be adjusted according to the passenger transport capacity and bus density.

[car] free bus line the Yellow River road Unicom building in front of the Qinghai International Convention Center, South gate.

[line] stop by the Yellow River Unicom building road originating in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center South Gate management station to the south gate, the way to implement docking station.

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