Green energy solar power is rising

Solar and wind energy are rising in Qinghai in the name of new green energy. The reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, since the second half of last year, a number of solar power plants built solar power grid, the province maintained a high growth rate, as of the end of October, the province’s industrial scale solar power generation enterprises 41, the cumulative generating capacity of 3 billion 819 million kwh, up 94.8% over the previous year. Our province abundant solar energy resources, especially the Qaidam Basin is the most abundant light resources in the region, the annual sunshine duration between 3200-3600 hours, the total radiation dose was 7000-8000 MJ / square meters, is the second high value area. In recent years, the province’s industrial energy saving and emission reduction as the goal, increase industrial restructuring efforts, focusing on the development of clean energy. From the growth rate, the rapid growth of solar power generation, hydropower, thermal power generation fell. 1-10 months, above scale industrial enterprises of the province total generation capacity of 45 billion 960 million kwh, down 4.4%, at the same time, solar power generation capacity of 3 billion 819 million kwh, an increase of 94.8%, higher than the growth rate of above scale industrial power generation by 99.2 percentage points, above scale industrial power generation volume growth of 3.9 percentage points; hydroelectric power generation 31 billion 522 million kwh, down 11%; thermal power 10 billion 424 million kwh, down 2.3%, hydropower and thermal power generation capacity of low scale industrial growth of 8.6 percentage points; wind power generating capacity of 194 million kwh, an increase of 3.08 times. From looking at the proportion, 1-10 months, above scale power generation in the province in the amount of wind power, solar power industry accounted for the proportion of above scale amount increased, the amount of solar power accounted for 4.2 percentage points higher than the year, hydroelectric power accounted for the decline over the same period.  

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