40 thousand people admitted to the sea lake district average daily increase of 30 new population is

in December 3rd, the sales center residential area of West Ninghai Lake District block on the first floor of the hotel, to apply for registration, purchase loan applications, the overall check in the public acceptance stage in a continuous line, many lined up, let this winter in the new popularity. The sea lake new district administrative committee, the main person in charge of a group of figures, but also to reflect the popularity of the new district this year. Up to now, there are 11000 families officially admitted to the New District, the population approaching the new population of 40 thousand, according to the average daily settled in the speed of 30 families, the population will double next year or.

In fact, in addition to

, has been admitted to the New District, become new members of the more than 10 thousand families, in the new district has been delivered to the use of other areas, and thousands of families are busy to decorate the house, waiting for. This occupancy rate is far more than the new district administrative committee is expected. In the new Lake City area at the entrance, the reporter met just Xiqianxinju Yan an "launch Khanh Le, for a long time, was going to decorate again next year, unexpectedly bought a house together friends say conditions are very mature, they moved in. Our family is also inspected a lot of days before deciding to stay in the decoration. Now every day to hear the new home blasting to celebrate it." Yan Qingli said, "the conditions are ripe", not only is the traffic network system, the gradual improvement of the new multi format commercial outlets, complete functions of public facilities, and gradually forming the education network layout and health security system, expectations and confidence and tens of thousands of people to the area.

this month, the new district will also start building a three class a hospital, to solve the problem of the nearest future residents of new homes. In the future, the new district will create a 5 minute living circle, so that residents of the new district near the home will be able to enjoy high-quality eating, housing, travel, entertainment, shopping and education, health, sports and other aspects of well-being.


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