North Bridge Village Housing groundbreaking

entered the early winter, the temperature has forced under zero, but in the north area of bridge hill was crowded, November 18th, is a village road bridge Menyuan area renovation period construction foundation day, old people have already tempted heart with joy, "I want to live on the two floor, his body is not good, not easy to go downstairs"; "I want to live in front of the head top, bright, good weather and his wife on the balcony to see the scenery of Xining, the feeling of thinking is good!"………

according to improve the rural public service facilities, improve rural living environment, promoting the development of urban and rural public service equalization, so that more for the benefit of the rural masses, Seongbuk door source road area reconstruction as one of the primary task of this year, the bridge village construction officially started the demolition resettlement of residents. It is reported that the bridge construction area will reach 191161 square meters, of which the housing area of up to 168955.88 square meters, can be built housing units of 1227.


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