Mayor listen to the voice of the people of Xining

"Hello, the municipal government 12345? We have a bad heating here, we have a private car parked on the lawn of the unmanned area, "the village gate was occupied by small vendors"…… Regardless of the event, is such a complaint, the municipal government 12345 public telephone will receive an average of more than and 200 per day.

97000 phones, as well as through the mayor mailbox and the network, newspapers and other issues reflected, one after another, the handling of records, a book and a reply list…… A year, the city government public telephone office of a dozen people for these busy.

from passive to active public telephone answering, full coverage, full collection, full supervision, full recovery, let every one of the masses of the problem are solved and a reasonable answer, it is not only to people’s mind is more difficult, their hearts.

behind it reflects the government’s dedication to serve the people of the concrete embodiment of the purpose.

not long ago, Mr. Yang by the municipal government 12345 public telephone, reflect the brick road about wells blocked, the overflow sewage grease to get a yellow ice beach road. In the afternoon, the water company staff will go to the site to view, because it does not belong to the drainage company, Mr Yang had to call 12345, then the city district departments and community staff came to the scene, after a careful survey sent for dredging. At the same time, the relevant departments and units ready for thorough treatment. Yang said: the government attaches great importance to the masses of the problem, very patient, take the trouble, the mayor is listening to our voice, we feel particularly good."

is a field to Ning households for a long time in the community to do monthly parking card, to the mayor’s mailbox for help, through the coordination of relevant departments and units to solve the household, wrote in a letter of thanks on this: "the mayor of our foreign households concern and support that we have Guests feel at home. feeling I, on behalf of the development of Xining residents to express my sincere gratitude to the Xining municipal government."

mayor Zhang Xiaorong in the first phase of the public to reflect the situation in the case of notification instructions: the focus of public complaints is the weakness of the work of the government and departments. Regularly combed the top ten complaints by the unit and the industry to the problem oriented, the right remedy, in order to promote the service of the people gradually step up the stairs.

is in this ruling concept under the guidance of the municipal government office opened a public phone active public telephone, newspaper and network full coverage, full collection, full supervision, full recovery mode, through this mode, a number of road management, property management, parking is difficult, the ugly face of difficulty, the traffic order, icy roads, waste incineration has been solved quickly, by the majority of the public praise and support.

since last year, the municipal government office to improve the construction of public telephone office, starting from the work of innovation, and constantly improve the quality and level of work. Open up new channels to reflect complaints. Xining municipal;

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