Dead garbage difficult to clean up Xining to solve old buildings Chuangwei difficulties

  November 22nd, Chuangwei inspector group consists of municipal government, Xining urban management, health supervision and four staff investigated some of the old buildings of the East, West, north of the city, the city district four, in the presence of Chuangwei work such as the dead garbage is difficult to clean and difficult problems of property management is not in place.

inspection group came to the community, family member courtyard, 51 micro motor factory in Xunhua Salar Autonomous County in Xining office courtyard, family member courtyard, Nanchuan Road community machine factory Nanchuan road 85 homes, third auto repair factory compound, the original first furniture factory family member courtyard, found the dead garbage clean-up, management is not in place and other issues has become a common problem in these areas "". Among them, in addition to Xunhua Salar Autonomous County Office in Xining compound, the inspection team to investigate the old buildings are the families of bankrupt enterprises.

residential building environmental remediation Institute is one of the key work of sanitation. And facilities, with the new residential area of Property Management Company compared to the more remote location of the old residential buildings hospital environmental health deficiencies, remediation difficult. In the third car repair plant compound, garbage everywhere, abandoned factories around the dry plots of weeds, garbage heaps of filth. According to the relevant staff, because the enterprise bankruptcy original, the problems are more, and had charge of the community responsible for clean tons of waste garbage, but because the property belonging, clean-up costs and other issues, has not been thoroughly cleaned. Many of the old buildings of the bankrupt company property management companies are not in place, lower income, lack of health awareness, and ultimately lead to the ‘old’ more ‘difficult’ vicious cycle of management." A staff member said.

on the difficult problems of these buildings, the inspection team will be included in the agenda of Chuangwei work, in order to better solve. It needs not only the strength of government health departments, and units need every citizen to cooperate actively, only in this way can we achieve the goal of health.


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