Air pollution prevention and control departments clear responsibilities

Xining City air pollution control regulations of

from the beginning of this month the implementation of the "" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), and had been in the implementation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection released the implementation of the daily penalty, seizure, limited production, cut-off remediation and information disclosure and other measures, the formation of the atmosphere pollution in our city was a perfect control system of laws and regulations, and the people’s governments at all levels, environmental protection, public transportation, planning and construction, city management, real estate, forestry and other departmental duties.

of the "Regulations" clearly pointed out that the city and district (county) people’s government for the quality of atmospheric environment in the administrative areas responsible for the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution into the national economic and social development planning, optimize the industrial structure and layout, increase financial input in the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, with emissions control plan or cut key air pollutant. The municipal environmental protection administrative department shall be responsible for the organization, implementation and supervision of the present regulations. Development and reform, economic information, planning and construction, land administrative departments responsible for energy restructuring, industrial restructuring and industrial layout optimization. The public security traffic and transportation administrative departments shall, according to their respective functions and duties, supervise and control the exhaust pollution of motor vehicles. Planning and construction, urban management, transportation, real estate, forestry and other administrative departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, the implementation of supervision and management of dust pollution. The administrative departments of finance, agriculture and animal husbandry, market supervision and management, education, health, meteorology and other departments shall, within the scope of their respective functions and duties, cooperate with the implementation of the present regulations.

at the same time, the "Regulations" also provides for the protection of the atmospheric environment and the responsibility of the assessment system. It is pointed out that the municipal and district (county) people’s governments shall take into account the objectives and tasks of the protection of the atmospheric environment as the contents of the relevant departments at the corresponding level, the people’s governments at the next higher level and the persons in charge of them. The results of the examination shall be an important part of the performance appraisal of the government and relevant departments, and shall be announced to the public. The formation of a unified and effective, clear division of air pollution control and management system, the establishment of a linkage system of air pollution prevention and control.


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