College entrance examination exercises are not staged

reporter in April 21st from Minhe County Education Bureau, recently, the county is the county high school student organization examiner exam simulation exercises, the subjects during the examination, the examination room no invigilator, only for the entire video surveillance of the exam, exam playback investigations, strictly according to the relevant requirements and procedures for the implementation of the implementation of the college entrance examination.
this unmanned invigilate entrance real exercise, so that students not only familiar with the college entrance examination of the relevant procedures, requirements and answer precautions, and set a good custom of "good faith examination discipline of fraud glorious and shameful". On this basis, the county also introduced a disciplinary punishment system supporting the examiner exercises, which once found candidates violation of fraud in the exercise, candidates will be credited to the integrity of electronic archives, reference for college admission, serious cases canceled this year’s college entrance examination qualifications. Fortunately, in the county no invigilator college entrance examination simulation exercise, did not happen with the candidates disciplinary incident. It is understood that the county in recent years to increase the strength of good faith examination candidates education, the effectiveness of standardized test center construction and wireless signal shielding device, metal detectors to inform students, parents, students and administrative staff to observe the control room, face-to-face honesty education and warning education, to let the candidates do not want to cheat, not to cheat, dare not cheat on the role. In addition, the county has invested more than 350 yuan in recent years, built a total of 3 standardized test sites, the standardization of the examination room, the 4 security room. In February this year to invest more than 30 yuan, the standardization of the test center for a comprehensive maintenance and upgrade.

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