7 let Chengbei District of Xining city was up

in order to create a set of modern agricultural demonstration and landscape ecological livable city in one of the north, north of the city this year will focus on district construction projects, build quality agriculture, support for small businesses, the development of modern tourism and other seven aspects in the article. For key projects, let North "was" tough fiscal.

– the north will do the 129 key projects: the national industrial development policy focused, in infrastructure, affordable housing, water conservancy, forestry, environmental protection, health education and other aspects of the implementation of the project to improve people’s livelihood relentlessly.

– the implementation of the demolition project: the development of housing construction management measures north area, curb the illegal disorderly build building behavior, to complete the Beichuan River (core) River Basin comprehensive management, University Education Park Construction provincial key projects to promote the demolition demolition tasks, demolition project landing, and promoting the great development.

to improve the quality of Agriculture: to increase the income of farmers as the center, agricultural modernization project as the carrier, improve water and electricity facilities, focusing on the construction of ecological agriculture, fine agriculture, efficient agricultural base. Relying on Qinghai University, promote research, and constantly improve the urban agricultural tourism park dabuzi, the formation and development of urban leisure agriculture in the north "mode".

—- the development of modern service industry: the implementation of tourism doubling plan to play the guiding role of the tourism fund, focusing on creating Xining day tour boutique route, continue to support small and micro family hotel.

– create a boutique city landscape: the comprehensive management of Beichuan river with the "core", and strive to implement the Beichuan Road West extension, North Zen road and other roads construction projects, to continue the overall landscape design and renovation of the bridge street, continue to improve the GPS management system, improve the level of digital management.

– to protect and improve people’s Livelihood: improved style austerity combined, continue to maintain the livelihood of the fiscal investment proportion of not less than 80%, the money wisely, how to do things for the people, let the people of all ethnic groups in the North live more comfortable, more dignity.

– low carbon to create beautiful North: speeding up the key areas of city green space, theme parks and recreation facilities construction, combined with modern science and technology small unitary hill forest areas, construction of the sports park, Lake Avenue, garden, landscape and village roads surrounding the shortage of green area, the implementation of Chaoyang bridge small garden construction project, carefully build the city green landscape. Enhance the area 5 green theme park. (author: Fang Xu)

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