The establishment of consumer complaints station in Xining consumer dispute processing

Qinghai news network Xining City shopping malls, supermarkets set up consumer complaints station last year, major shopping malls, supermarkets, solve handled 281 pieces of consumer complaints, for consumers to reduce the economic loss of 11426.14 yuan, which greatly facilitates the consumer complaints, the nearest local solutions, provides an effective way for the majority of consumers quickly.

in recent years, shopping malls, supermarkets to provide consumers with a fast, comfortable, free choice of shopping space, the number of consumers increased year by year. At the same time, consumer and business consumer disputes also showed an upward trend. Consumer complaints prevarication, procrastination happens. In order to solve this contradiction, to further enhance the protection of consumer rights awareness and sense of social responsibility, solve consumer complaints quickly and effectively, the Xining Consumers Association will be one of two station construction work extends to shopping malls and supermarkets. In March 8, 2007, with the textile building, Wangfujing shopping malls, Hualian Supermarket and other 10 large shopping malls, supermarkets signed a "limited processing consumer disputes agreement", requiring supermarkets set up consumer complaints station staff responsible for the reception, reception, solve the supermarket in consumer complaints, the consumer advisory answer. In addition, the supermarket should establish a consumer sign prominently marked supermarket telephone complaints, the name of the person in charge of complaint (or number), complaints station signs, path area and the name of the phone and business personnel complaints etc.. For intuitive can be identified, a clear responsibility for consumer complaints, should be processed immediately. The need for investigation or verification or identification of the relevant departments of the complaint, the investigation should be verified or made the conclusion of the next day after the end of treatment, and consumers can also be agreed. For major and complex complaints can be jointly dealt with by the consumer association. For consumers who do not belong to the provisions of the laws and regulations, should do a good job of interpretation. Supermarket to establish a complaint, consultation registration system, complaint handling quarterly report to the District Consumers association.

since the launch of this campaign, consumer complaints more convenient, and the integrity of large shopping malls are also greatly enhanced. (author: Yao Rui Zhang Jianping)


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