Seminar on the construction of learning organization in Xining

In order to further strengthen the construction of cadre learning and learning organization. In August 17th, Xining city held a "create a learning organization, learning to become a seminar type cadres, municipal committee, organization department minister Zhang Xuetian attended the lecture.

day, and continue to Taiwan Jinan International University Adult Education Research Institute, Dr. Wu Minglie of Free University Berlin College of education in Germany and Shanghai Mingde learning organization institute, Shanghai Institute of Ming De chairman Zhang Shengxiong live with relevant departments cadres teaching. Wu Minglie focused on the theme of lifelong learning and learning in Taiwan, to create a new realm of organizational learning, combined with the development process of learning organizations in Taiwan region, in layman’s language to do a wonderful story. Zhang Shengxiong in the "learning organization construction and improve the quality of cadres" for innovation construction concept, the theme of development about the learning organization and grasp the key, through clear thinking, appropriate examples, profound ideas let cadres inspired after listen to. (author: Tang Rong)


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