The province’s urban population of 2 million 803 thousand people living in the northwest urbanizatio

reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, as of the end of 2013, the province’s urban population of 2 million 803 thousand people, an increase of 83 thousand and 800 over the previous year, the province accounted for 48.51% of the resident population, the proportion of 1.07 percentage points higher than the previous year, steadily push forward the process of urbanization in our province.

at the end of 2013 in five provinces in the northwest, the urbanization level of Qinghai were higher than Xinjiang (44.47%) 4.04 percentage points, Gansu (41.3%) 7.21 percentage points, respectively, lower than 3.5 percentage points in Ningxia (52.01%), Shaanxi (51.31%) 2.8 percentage points, five in Qinghai in the Northwest Province ranked third, and the sixth national census in 2010 when the same precedence. Compared with the national average, Qinghai urbanization rate is lower than the national average (53.73%) of 5.22 percentage points.

at present, the number of cities and towns in our province has increased to 140, which set up a city of 5. Because of the difference between cities in our province, the regional development orientation, the level of economic development and industrial structure, geographical environment and ethnic composition, the differences in the level of urbanization development around significantly, as of the end of 2013, our province urbanization level is the highest in Haixi Prefecture, the urbanization rate reached 70.06%; followed by Xining City, urbanization the rate is 67.80%; the rest of the city, the urbanization level is lower than the provincial average average.


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