Seven Chinese calligraphy exhibition held in the Provincial Museum

By the Xining City West District, the district government sponsored the "seven Chinese calligraphy exhibition" on the morning of August 3rd in the Qinghai provincial museum.

"China seven calligraphy exhibition" by the famous calligrapher Li Dexi launched the initiative in our province. The exhibition works include 105 works of Li Dexi, Xie Shaocheng, Guo Lieping, Mao Guodian, Qiu godson, Jia Changcheng, Wang Yuankang seven calligrapher. The calligraphy exhibition for the national tour of the ninth stations, will continue to carry out the three day.It is reported that this

, the seven authors are active with strong creative strength in Chinese calligraphy calligrapher. In recent years, many of their works have been selected for the national authoritative calligraphy exhibition, and won prizes. Regional differences, aesthetic orientation is different, their works also varied in style, colorful, or bold, or ethereal high ancient, or fresh scholl showcases seven authors, artistic creativity.Hold

the calligraphy exhibition aims to promote the ancient and profound art of calligraphy, art language through the charm of the image to further enhance the art of calligraphy aesthetic water products in our province the art of calligraphy and the overall level of the masses.  

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