The town of Tal tal Wan Cun military enterprises build a model village Datong County full of sound

Datong County town of Tal tal village was listed as "military enterprises build a model village", supported by the higher authorities and leaders at all levels, to determine the Deputy Secretary of the county committee, county magistrate Han Shengcai as the leading, the County Department of transportation as the unit, to open the country to County rural bank as the contact point of enterprises. Based on the actual situation of the village, extensive mobilization of the masses, to take a variety of effective measures to organize the implementation of the project in a timely manner. At present, the initial results have been achieved, the village has changed a lot, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of trade, increase the income of the people, and play a central role in the town.

‘s Bay Village in the "military enterprises to build the demonstration village construction, plans to implement 15 projects, plans to invest about 61 million yuan, including all types of project funds 25 million yuan, the financial capital of 2 million 450 thousand yuan, 33 million 550 thousand yuan raised by the masses.

, a wall decoration project investment 2 million 200 thousand yuan, completed 873 of 45000 square meters. At present, the project has been completed;

two, wall renovation project investment 1 million 500 thousand yuan, completed 3000m. At present, the project has been completed;

three, Tulsa Bay Village shops along the streets of the Muslim style architectural renovation project plans to invest 4 million 500 thousand yuan, the transformation of 4500m. At present, the investment of 3 million 500 thousand yuan to complete the 3500m;

four, Tulsa Bay Street and village road hardening project plans to invest 4 million yuan, hardening of 20 km. At present, the investment 2 million 400 thousand yuan to complete the 11 km, 7500 cubic meters;

five, the farmers market construction projects to implement poverty alleviation and development the whole village project funds 4 million 435 thousand yuan, plans to build 21000 square meters of the farmers market;

six, invested 1 million 980 thousand yuan to build up a construction area of 1100 square meters of the village office building;

seven, incentive housing construction project plans to invest $3 million 913 thousand to complete the 301;

eight, the rural environment comprehensive improvement project, plans to invest 14 million yuan;

nine, door renovation project plans to invest 1 million 400 thousand yuan, completed 700, 700;

Drainage pipe network transformation of

ten, the town government is located on both sides of the street and the road calculus laying project plans to invest 1 million 600 thousand yuan;

eleven, the implementation of the cultural plaza construction project plans to invest 1 million 200 thousand yuan to complete the construction of 5500 square meters, cultural square. At present, the completion of 70 sets of sports facilities, the pad side 1500m³ promenade of 50 meters, the project is being implemented;

twelve, the completion of the village lighting project investment 550 thousand yuan, completed the installation of solar street lights 110. At present, the project has been completed;

thirteen, rural reconstruction project plans to invest $60 thousand to complete the 3. At present, the project has been completed;

fourteen, national key public forest management and protection, protection of natural forest protection project investment 5 thousand and 700 yuan. At present, the project has been completed;

fifteen, 2012 characteristics of agriculture (food);

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