Study and carry out the eighteen spirits and push forward the development of the Development Zone

Party’s eighteen report put forward : "the economic construction as the center is to develop the country, development is still the key to solve all the problems of our country…… Adhere to the development is the essence of the fundamental requirement is to insist on scientific development. Taking the scientific development as the theme, and speeding up the transformation of the mode of economic development as the main line, is the strategic choice of the development of our country. Accelerate the formation of a new mode of economic development, efforts to stimulate the development of new types of market players vitality, strengthen innovation driven development momentum, efforts to build a new system of the development of modern industry, foster the development of an open economy new advantage, make the economic development more and more rely on modern service industry and strategic emerging industry to rely more on the quality of scientific and technological progress, workers driving to improve the management and innovation, rely more on saving resources and promoting circular economy, constantly enhance the long-term development potential." Xining economic and Technological Development Zone as an important carrier of Xining city in Qinghai province and the development of the industrial economy, to deeply study and fully implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen big power, to further unify their thinking, enhance understanding, earnestly practice Scientific Outlook on Development, accelerate Xining Development Zone leapfrog development, make new contributions to the construction of the "two new three".


the basis of sustainable development of strong industry

Dongchuan Industrial Park Management Committee Director Kong Lingdong



Industrial Park in the in-depth study and implement the party’s eighteen spiritual work, a profound understanding of new ideas, new conclusions and new requirements contained in the report that eighteen of the party members and cadres of the political awareness, sense of purpose, service awareness increased. In the future, the park management committee to study and implement the spirit of the eighteen as an opportunity to further emancipate the mind, strength, in accordance with the proposed eighteen report of the "four focus" and "five more" General requirements, combined with the actual work of the park, a reasonable plan for future work.

change the idea, and strive to improve the park enterprise technological innovation and independent R & D capability, the establishment of silicon materials and photovoltaic industry testing center, mold center, Enterprise Technology Association, small and medium-sized enterprise network public service platform, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of industrial economic development. At the same time, to do a good job of energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection work, and vigorously promote the application of advanced and mature energy-saving emission reduction of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, support enterprises to implement energy-saving environmental protection equipment and transformation. The industrial complex building as soon as possible the implementation of entrepreneurship Park four sets industry cultivation, development, incubation, entrepreneurship and service, improve the utilization of land, park capacity and output capacity, focus on the introduction of a number of small and medium sized enterprises.

focus on the field of silicon materials photovoltaic industry, new materials;

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