Xining folk artists filial piety training have qualified successors

from December 17th to 19, the host city art museum national intangible cultural heritage project Xining Xianxiao training courses, from three counties in four areas in our city the 50 folk artists and heritage protection workers accept the system of standardized training, got the certificate. Through this training, improve the overall quality of the folk artists, will absorb and lead more people to join to protect, inherit and carry forward the heritage ranks, the lack of talent in Xining and filial piety so as to promote the orderly development of have qualified successors, our city heritage protection work.

in recent years, the city through exploration and practice, in the intangible cultural heritage protection work has achieved remarkable results. As a national intangible cultural heritage project of Xining Xian Xiao has some mass base in the city, but in recent years Xining filial piety is the inheritor of the talent shortage, people under the age of 35 without learning Xining Xianxiao, especially many young people of this ancient art have little knowledge about singing. In order to strengthen the Xining Xianxiao talent team construction, improve the Xining filial piety Heritage Inheritance ability and work level, to further promote the intangible cultural heritage protection work in the city, the City Art Museum organized the training course, experts and scholars were invited to provincial and municipal Xining Xianxiao singing skills of folk artists, folk art theory the inheritance of human rights and obligations and other aspects of the training work. (author: Wang Zi)

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