Serious illness insurance covers 70% of the province’s population

January 16th, the reporter learned from the provincial insurance regulatory bureau, as of November 31, 2013, the province’s serious illness insurance cumulative reported 31953 passengers, reported the amount reached $175 million 679 thousand and 700.

urban and rural residents illness insurance officially launched, has covered 4 million 230 thousand and 900 people in the province, accounting for the province’s total population of 73.81%. The sum of the province’s serious illness insurance reimbursement and basic medical reimbursement amount of 75.27% of the total cost of medical treatment of the province’s residents, the average monthly amount of $5498.07, a simple payment rate of 76.63%.

with the continuous advance of medical reform, the initial establishment of the national health care system, urban and rural residents illness insurance is based on the basic medical insurance, give further protection to a system of measures of high medical costs for seriously ill patients, can effectively make up for the current lack of basic medical security system level, alleviate people’s illness the burden of medical expenses, to a significant effect to improve medical efficiency in the use of funds to ensure social harmony and stability.


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