Provincial government issued a notice to strengthen the college entrance examination to prevent coll

in the annual college entrance examination, the province’s score is relatively low, has been one of the main provinces entrance immigration. Recently, the provincial government issued a notice, requirements to further improve the law enforcement responsibilities clear, powerful and effective supervision of the college entrance examination admission qualification work mechanism, to prevent the migration of college entrance examination".

notice stressed that the province will further improve the qualification system of the college entrance examination, improve the supervision mechanism of college entrance examination. The local government of the area college entrance examination safety overall responsibility, the city (state) government is the main responsibility for security work within the jurisdiction of the college entrance examination, the negative first responsibility of leading, directly responsible director in charge of the leadership and the admissions committee. During the college entrance examination qualification examination, the test area is in charge of the leadership or recruit committee is mainly responsible for the deployment of college entrance qualification examination, to ensure that members of the responsibility to implement, to prevent buck passing, guarantee a good working order of common college entrance examination.

Department of education has the responsibility to supervise the management of the school district. To establish and perfect the management system of student status, strict management of principal responsibility system and the accountability system, the high school enrolled violation "book in the school" and "school absentee" students timely repaying.

public security departments are responsible for the household registration review work, to strengthen and improve the students and parents in the stage of basic education in green review and management, and severely punish conceal or alter transfer certificate information settled violations, seriously clean up and prevent the "bypass" (non lineal relatives) and "airborne" (no migration procedures set up) beyond the time limit, retroactive birth settle other issues.

enrollment institutions should strictly review the qualifications, in strict accordance with the provisions of the migrant workers’ children (read) limit requirements for marking, strengthen the relevant departments issued the certificate, plus Toudang candidates enjoy the employees proof of audit work to identify, to move from the provinces (the province ID) in young cadres the identity of the staff to do field visits and access to archives.

high school to regulate the behavior of school. For local students in the middle school admission to retain the school after school he school, outside in Qinghai Province of migrant workers (read) children in the province of middle school after the empty school linked to the province high school, to empty school students forged school exam results and archival materials and other issues, and retain the empty school linked school principal responsible person to take responsibility.

the "notice" requirements, to strengthen the supervision of school random checks, candidates to strengthen information disclosure publicity, supervision review, strengthen household migration trajectory review process and improve the candidates file approach, intensify supervision and responsibility accountability efforts.


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