Who should maintain public welfare facilities

advocated the "national fitness campaign" in 15 years, 15 years of physical fitness facilities in our province blossom everywhere, to provide convenience for the mass sports, its positive significance cannot be denied, but in some places, the protection and maintenance of fitness equipment has not attracted enough attention. Recently, the reporter visited a number of residential district in Xining found that the fitness facilities in the district is in the condition of no maintenance, aging damage, facing the update slow, difficult to update. More importantly, the damaged fitness facilities also have some security risks.

community fitness facilities for thousands of households

in recent years, the "national fitness" activities into the community, built a special public fitness at all across the province, here is not only the district residents exercise place, is also a gathering place for residents health around side Laoke, it is the children playing games. According to the Provincial Sports Bureau Group Director Xi Xiaopeng introduced since 1997, the State Sports General Administration of the implementation of the national fitness project, by the end of 2012, the State Sports General Administration has invested 198 million 300 thousand yuan for the province, city and county (District) Construction State Stadium 33 ("snow charcoal project"); six, to support the "national project" (Sports) project 6; agricultural and pastoral areas of administrative village is equipped with 1104 sets of equipment, accounting for 26.51% of the total; agricultural and pastoral areas of 99 villages and towns construction small square and equipped with fitness equipment, accounting for 24.8% of the total; 15 years for all types of residential allotment of 560 sets of fitness path. The city in the province, prefecture, county 71 juvenile sports clubs have been established, the 8 national traditional sports schools, 30 Provincial Traditional Sports School, so that the fitness facilities construction of our province sports to promote the broader realm of the strong pace.

Xi Xiaopeng told reporters, public fitness facilities in the promotion of development in our province, and its influence on the construction of sports culture is very profound, home can do sports fitness, public welfare whenever and wherever possible, the popularity of fitness facilities, provide a strong guarantee for the vast numbers of people of all ethnic groups organized various activities, scientific fitness, therefore by the city community, welcome the masses and pastoral areas.

fitness equipment maintenance and maintenance without the following


fitness equipment are installed in the open area, perennial snow or rain, exposed to the weather, no one care, and others for the destruction, many public places, residential fitness equipment "quegaboshaotui", some equipment joint wear heavily, when running screeched.

living in the village of Tiger Alley two retired cadres Zhang said a lot of public health facilities, like a one-time public welfare. Construction of a one-time completion, maintenance and maintenance, no less". This makes the fitness facilities abandoned after aging damage, became a one-time fitness point".

reporter visited a number of residential areas in Xining found that fitness equipment, lack of arms and legs phenomenon more or less exist. Either pedal, or rocker broken, or rust, some of the residents of the lack of public;

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