The first three quarters of the province’s fiscal expenditure on people’s livelihood reached 88 bil

this year, the province to do everything possible to increase people’s livelihood, establish and improve the livelihood of the people to invest in a stable growth mechanism, innovative ways to invest in people’s livelihood, so that the fruits of reform and development to better benefit the people of all ethnic groups in the province. The first three quarters, the province’s fiscal expenditure for the livelihood of the people reached $88 billion 700 million, accounting for 76.8% of fiscal expenditure, some people’s livelihood indicators in the forefront of the west.

for the full fiscal funds benefit, our province continue to increase efforts to pay for the transfer, and the central financial transfer payment subsidies above in increments of 70% for the grassroots, is expected by the end of this year, the province of all kinds of transfer payment amount will reach 78 billion yuan, accounting for 76.7% of the central government, over five years ago, an increase of 40 billion 100 million yuan. The average annual growth rate of 15.5%; cumulative arrangements issued all kinds of financial funds 6 billion 910 million yuan to support poverty alleviation, the provincial financial funds increased by 67.3%, in the 30 counties in the use of fiscal agricultural funds to co-ordinate the integration of pilot work into the overall integration within the scope of the fiscal agricultural funds reached 11 billion 950 million yuan, effectively solve the fiscal agricultural funds use "fragmentation" the problem.

as of now, at the beginning of the year and rural pension insurance, subsistence allowances, medical insurance and other 13 people’s livelihood index adjusting policy in place, year increase 870 million yuan; in the implementation of the 15 years of free education policy based on the improved medium occupation school annual public funding standard will be 600 yuan, reached 3200 yuan, compared with the national requirements at the same time a year earlier established funding per student of higher occupation school reached 12000 yuan; urban and rural residents basic pension increase 15 yuan per month, reached 140 yuan, ranking the first Northwest National elderly subsidy standards fifth, increase 20 yuan per month; urban and rural residents medical insurance financing standard increased 60 yuan, reached 610 yuan, higher than the national the standard of 40 yuan, to improve the basic public health services per capita subsidies 5 yuan, reached 50 yuan, higher than the national standard of 5 yuan per month; raise the city minimum standard 30 yuan, reached 400 yuan And improve the rural residents per capita standard 570 yuan, reached 2970 yuan; the province’s 71% licensed disabled living allowance, severe disabilities care subsidies to achieve full coverage; the dead child family and child disability family, improve the unified subsidy standard.

at the same time, give full play to financial functions, and constantly strengthen the people’s livelihood infrastructure. 11 billion 450 million yuan to raise funds to support the school teacher turnover dormitory plateau beautiful villages and towns, remote areas and other infrastructure construction; arrange funds 120 million yuan, the basic construction project in six to cancel the education state and local matching funds; arrange 190 million yuan of special funds, provided a year ago to reach the state of health funding 12 thousand yuan subsidy standards issued; 780 million yuan of funds to support a series of cultural Huimin engineering etc..


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