Three ways to publish college entrance examination scores

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial admissions, "college enrollment plan in Qinghai and professional directory" has been in place to meet with the candidates. According to the province in recent days jiedousheng, repeat students have called to the provincial admissions consulting "college enrollment plan in Qinghai and professional directory" where to buy, if there is no reply: Zhaoban candidates in the subscription school or local admissions, directly to the first floor of the provincial admissions recruitment bookstore "(the only buy (54) No. 33 West Road, opposite the normal university).

this year province Zhaoban in the query results, introduced a new initiative, this year’s college entrance examination results will be published in three ways, one is free in Qinghai Recruitment Information network. The two is to test admissions inquiries. The three is to give candidates transcripts.

"in Colleges and universities can be purchased at designated locations in Qinghai enrollment plan and professional directory"

Zhaoban this year released second reminder  

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