Xining Hui secondary school security project started construction

In August 3rd, Xining Hui middle school integrated teaching building school safety project started construction

8 month 3, Xining Hui secondary school integrated teaching building school safety project started construction.

The original building

Xining Hui middle school identified class D dangerous, have been removed and the building is five floors on the ground, local six, is building a set of teaching, experiment and business as a whole, a total construction area of 6849.90 square meters, invested 12 million yuan, plans in July 2012 to date, September use.

During the construction of

School of 1300 students in 3, temporary transitional teaching, the playground built 34 classrooms, in order to ensure the safety of teachers and students during the transition of teaching, the school has installed heating, electric fan in the board room, increasing fire facilities, and many organizations to carry out safety knowledge publicity and education activities and emergency evacuation exercises.

the implementation of the school construction project, will eliminate the existing security risks exist in school buildings, greatly improve the school environment, improve the scale of education, for the rapid development of ethnic education in Xining has created favorable conditions.



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