This year the province’s 19 thousand and 700 migrant workers to recover wages of 266 million

recently, reporters from the province’s governance problem of wage arrears of migrant workers forum was informed that, since this year, our province attaches great importance to solve the problem of wage arrears for migrant workers, increasing the source of prevention, dynamic supervision, departmental interaction and law enforcement efforts to investigate, to achieve the transformation and normalization from the temporary assault began to system, the province’s migrant workers wage arrears the number of cases, involving the number, the number of petitions were significantly decreased. Up to now, the province paid a total wage of migrant workers 130 million yuan deposit, the new start of the project to pay the wages of migrant workers to pay the deposit of 80%, the cumulative payment of wages of migrant workers pay a deposit of $1 billion 70 million. Inspection and acceptance of complaints found 1396 cases, for the wages of 19 thousand and 700 migrant workers to recover wages of 266 million yuan, to better protect the interests of migrant workers.

this year, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security has 3 times jointly with the departments of the joint law enforcement inspection group for all construction projects across the province to migrant workers wage payment security, real name system management, wage migrant workers pay margin comprehensive inspection, migrant workers wages totaling more than 96% rate targets have been listed in the government responsibility assessment, at the county level and above labor security institutions set up rate reached more than 95%, formed a joint working mechanism of mutual coordination.

the same time, I began working there on the system of governance mechanism is not perfect, the wages of migrant workers pay the deposit paid is not in place, the government investment (investment) projects underwritten construction payment in arrears and unpaid and more extreme diversity, more difficult to dispose of these problems, to solve the problem of wages increase the difficulty.

According to the actual

end early prone to migrant workers wages, human resources and social security department official said, to grasp the protection of migrant workers wages paid checks, organize one by one, leaving no blind spots, do not stay dead, do not stay hidden. Pay the wages are not normal and have taken place in arrears of wages of enterprises focus on monitoring, timely understanding of the wages paid. Seriously investigate the case of refusing to pay labor remuneration, for illegal acts of malicious wages promptly transferred to public security organs, typical cases to be exposed by the media, in good faith "blacklist" and other forms of discipline, resolutely curb the occurrence of the problem of wage arrears for migrant workers because of vicious incidents. At the same time, due to the sudden emergence of migrant workers wage arrears, mass incidents in a timely manner, and effectively safeguard social stability.


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