The robbery suspects escape Xining black 10 by the provincial police arrested

March 10th morning, Xining Nanchuan Road police station will be two negative case robbery had a gun in Nanhui District Shanghai fugitives arrested successfully.

the afternoon of March 9th, Nanchuan Road community police station found in the collection of input information based on the population, the arrest showed police comprehensive information on the platform of Nanhui District Shanghai City Public Security Bureau armed robbery suspects information on the Internet, and live in the area of temporary staff Zhao Xiong and consistent information. Police confirmed in detail after verification, the police quickly on the situation. Police immediately organized the police dispatched the two suspects waiting in the residence, at around 1 am, two suspects were arrested.

after the trial, the suspect Zhao and Xiong on June 6, 2008 in Shanghai City, Nanhui District robbery more than 15000 yuan, has been in Hubei and other places to leave home. At the end of February this year, they just drive from Hubei to Xining to escape, to open the "black car" to make a living. Currently, two suspects have been detained according to law.


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