Xining city construction planning and extension of dismantling

In September 12th 2012, Xining city development and Investment Fair ended, Xining city construction and Planning Exhibition scheduled for the closing ceremony after the end of the show. In view of the majority of the people of Xining to visit the enthusiasm, the decision is postponed to the next week show, not taking the time to visit the public please seize the opportunity to Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, the A museum is located in the New South to visit.

Xining Municipal Planning Bureau and other municipal departments and the county in the 2012 Xining city development and Investment Fair before the opening of active exhibition, full use of sound and light and other multimedia and high-tech means, a comprehensive layout of a large number of Xining city city planning and construction of the pictures and sand, objectively and vividly reflect the Xining city landscape construction in recent years and the planning blueprint. Xining city leaders in that the general public because of work time conflicts and other reasons have not had time to visit the exhibition, the relevant departments will show special instructions to facilitate the extension of the show, the general public to visit.


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