Xining city energy saving projects for tens of millions of Yuan rewards

Reporters from the city year office was informed that, in order to guide and encourage enterprises to increase industrial energy saving investment, at the beginning of this year, the Xining Municipal Economic Commission for a number of energy saving, energy-saving technological transformation project investment for large provincial fiscal incentive funds, at present, the project received 23 million 400 thousand yuan of financial funds to support the provincial,

it is understood that the provincial fiscal funds to support a total of 21 projects, including the implementation of waste heat power generation of cement, iron alloy, carbon industry; promote the calcium carbide industry closed DC energy-saving production device of new technology; in iron alloy, electrolytic aluminum industry to promote the implementation of low voltage reactive power compensation, motor and industrial transformation the boiler (kiln) transformation, energy system optimization, water saving reconstruction project. Currently, these projects are being implemented, and strive to complete the year. After the project completed, can realize annual 115 thousand tons of standard coal, 23 thousand tons of water, using various types of solid waste is about 650 thousand tons, the enterprise has obvious economic benefits, energy saving effect is remarkable, has a great effect on the city’s energy-saving work. (author: Rong Lijun)


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