Zhang Guangrong stressed in the investigation of civil air defense work to promote the province’s ai

8 11, Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor, Provincial State Commission deputy director Zhang Guangrong to the provincial civil air defense research, inspect and guide the work, put forward specific requirements to further improve the work of civil air defense.

Zhang Guangrong pointed out that in recent years, under the correct leadership of the provincial government, the province actively adapt to the new normal, the civil air defense system with the performance of their duties, has made remarkable achievements in the aspects of organization, key projects, information system, team building, effectively promoting the province’s economic and social sustainable and healthy development.

Zhang Guangrong stressed that this year is the 13th Five-Year plan at the beginning of the year, the province’s air defense system at all levels should conscientiously do a good job of the Seventh National Conference of provincial Party committee, people’s air defense army on implementing the spirit of the meeting, closely rely on the Party committee and government and military authorities to correct leadership, seize the opportunity, innovative thinking, strict management, and strive to create a new situation of civil air defense work. To strengthen the awareness of the importance of air defense, create Chong military warlike atmosphere, truly prepared. To continue to adhere to the combination of peacetime and wartime, civil air defense construction and city construction development together, to promote the sharing of civil air defense facilities, and promote full integration. To innovate the management of civil air defense facilities operating mode, to ensure that the construction of the possession of the tube, the use of good, sustainable. To increase the propaganda and education of civil air defense work, and effectively enhance the sense of civil air defense of the whole society. To gradually straighten out the management system and operational mechanism, and strive to promote the solution of practical problems. To continue to strengthen the team construction and style construction, improve their capability, human resources, and jointly promote the cause of civil defense in our province to a new level.


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