Suyouhua Kumbum Monastery scenic area is driven by the strong fragrance four regional tourism


plateau in early spring, Qinghai many places are still not covered with green, Kumbum Monastery national 5A scenic tourism will continue to set off a small climax, continues to lead the regional tourism and the province’s winter tourism.

as a national 5A level scenic spots of Kumbum Monastery, not only let the butter fragrance everywhere, but also promote the development of tourism in Huangzhong county. At present, the county has formed a system of tourism industry in local and national activities, arts and crafts for tourist commodities and catering, accommodation, shopping, leisure, scenic area as a whole, more than 3900 people holding tourism jobs.

statistics show that in 2014, Huangzhong received a total of 4 million 427 thousand and 400 tourists at home and abroad, the total tourism revenue reached $907 million. Kumbum Monastery scenic area, which received 1 million 919 thousand and 400 tourists at home and abroad, tourism revenue reached $369 million, an increase year on year, the number of tourists accounted for nearly half of the annual reception of the county. In the trump card scenic drive, Huangzhong reception service system significantly improved. At present, the county all types of accommodation reached 52, a total of 3202 beds; rural tourism sites reached 192, total assets reached 256 million yuan, 31455 seats; tourism product development production and sales of 16 leading enterprises, sales of 140.


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