Spring is coming and the strawberry in the north is red

"Mom, come on, the strawberries are big and red." Picking shed, 7 year old Jiabao hand picked as cheerful as a lark, hidden in the leaves of strawberry……

March 23rd, bright spring days. In the north of the city of Xining City District Township Walled greenhouse, visitors while picking rosy and full of strawberries, while "greedy" breathing with dirt and strawberry fragrance, happy atmosphere spread in greenhouses. The two day of the northern section of the city’s fifth Strawberry Festival in the warm spring breeze curtain.

Baoziwan town north of the City District of Xining city

since 2005 from Shandong to introduce the cultivation techniques of strawberry, strawberry planting has many villages in twenty in Baoziwan Town, the town started quickly, at present, the strawberry planting area of nearly 400 acres, North District has become Xining city four district in vegetables, fruits, flowers, the largest area and the best the foundation of agriculture area.

it is understood that the Strawberry Festival "health, leisure and nature" as the theme, in the provision of fruits and vegetables and other agricultural and sideline products at the same time to the public, through the way of picking, farming experience, vigorously develop urban leisure agriculture and agricultural farming culture, to attract more people to the city of rural vacation, leisure and tourism, the extension of the agricultural industry chain. In the shed, people bent down, carefully selected ripe strawberries, many parents around the child to take pictures, record the picking picture. The door of the greenhouse, the household is very busy, said: "a few months of hard work, waiting for the Strawberry Festival brought about by the popularity of picking, usually strawberry day two days will be taken off the strawberries." "This is a very good picture of the wheat harvest, the harvest of joy in the heart of all."

"yes, these works are particularly simple, so that people have a sense of immersive."

on both sides of the Xiang Qu Yuan Road, hung River, field farming people, militia sentry old photos, and fire performance, pastoral scenery, such as the harvest scene reflected in people’s lives works, many people enjoyed talking comments. This is to promote farming culture, showing the changes in rural life, "rural charm" photography exhibition.

beauty contest, "BlackBerry" charity auction, "BlackBerry" flying colors, flowers and roses fishing contest exhibition, "BlackBerry" flavor fragrance vegetable fair…… On the big stage, rich content, various forms of activities are being carried out, as well as free strawberry taste, picking sales and rural tourism, eco agricultural products, such as charity auction charity activities. "This year’s Strawberry Festival is very meaningful, we not only tasted the sweet strawberries, but also participated in many activities, very memorable." Public Zhang said.

The responsible person told reporters that the relevant

North District previously, North District of Xining city has successfully held the four Strawberry Festival, in order to further improve the agricultural facilities Baoziwan town reputation, create the characteristic agriculture brand, tourism development projects, accelerate the construction of new countryside, rural tourism development, further showing great beauty Qinghai Plateau unique the scenery and the North characteristic agriculture development status.

now, Strawberry Festival has become an eco tourism,;

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