Reading for the future of China the 2014 reading forum held in Xining

To promote school reading activities, to further enhance the students’ reading interest and level, by July 17th, Chinese Institute of education of middle school Chinese teaching Specialized Committee academic support, the Commercial Press, Qinghai Normal University high school, two middle school and three high school hosted the "China for future reading — 2014 reading forum held in Xining. Nearly eight hundred people from Anhui, Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Guangdong, Gansu, Shanxi and our province attended the forum.

two days of this forum theme is: share reading harvest. The forum by the expert report, reading class and forum to exchange links, in-depth and comprehensive interpretation of the "reading field" concept, from the perspective of raising awareness, develop ideas, leading methods, provides the emphasis on reading, intensive reading and the concept of path for the teachers.

from the Philosophy Department of Peking University professor Wu Guosheng, The China Academy of Art School of art and humanities professor Yang Zhenyu and the Shanghai City Board of education department deputy director, middle school Chinese teacher Tan Yibin at the forum were "scientific humanism", "the origin of the power of art", "PISA reading literacy assessment on reading teaching reform" report. They combine their reading experience, to the participants on the understanding and understanding of reading.

"read for the future of China" reading forum is held once a year. The next forum will be held in Henan in 2015 summer.


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