The next five years these numbers will affect you and me

per capita life expectancy increased by 1 years, in 2020 per capita income doubled in 2010, the urban area to provide Gigabit fiber…… These figures in the outline of the thirteenth year plan for national economic and social development (Draft) of the people’s Republic of China (five) are encouraging. To deepen the reform of the macro economic development, people living down to the basic necessities of life, the next five years, "what are the numbers will change our life in 13th Five-Year" plan?

– 1 years old

to promote the healthy development of China, the average life expectancy increased by 1 years.

– 6.5%

per capita GDP and urban and rural residents more than doubled in 2010, "13th Five-Year" period the average annual economic growth remained above 6.5%, the per capita disposable income of residents is expected to more than the average annual growth rate of 6.5%.

– 60%

resident population urbanization rate reached 60%, household population urbanization rate reached 45%.

– 80%

governance haze haze made significant progress, the city level and above the number of days of air quality excellent rate of more than 80%. This means that each year there will be more than 290 days to achieve good air quality.

– 95%

countries will carry out mass sports activities of youth, youth physical fitness compliance rate of more than 95%.

– 30 minutes

healthy China, starting with health care. Planning to build 30 minutes of primary health care services circle to promote the construction of urban community fitness circle of 15 minutes. In the Chinese health action plan, also proposed the goal of reducing the major chronic disease of premature mortality rate 10%; new production 89 thousand beds; each county mainly run the county public hospital 1-2; and strengthen the standardized training of residents 500 thousand people per million population GP number reached 2.

– 10.8 years


13th Five-Year" period, the state will implement the compulsory education standard, the popularization of high school education, the construction of the world first-class university and the first-class disciplines such as engineering, the working age population average years of schooling increased from 10.23 years to 10.8 years.

– 50

there are more places to go by plane. According to the plan, will build a new airport in Beijing, more than 50 new civilian transport airport.

– 1000 megabits per second

ready, your home network may be greatly improved. Mentioned in the planning, will promote the process of optical fiber broadband access, optical network coverage in urban areas to achieve 1000 megabits per second, the ability to provide more access to services, to achieve 100 Mbit more flexible choice of City family user bandwidth; optical access to 98% administrative villages.

– about 3000 km

China will speed up more than 3 million of the population of urban rail transit network, the new urban rail traffic mileage;

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