Cycle of the Qinghai Lake cycling into Wuxi yesterday

walked through Chengdu, "stroll" in Shanghai, yesterday, the Qinghai Lake cycling League completed its tour of Wuxi. After the first two races, the event has received more attention from Wuxi and more teams. Yesterday, more than 300 amateur cyclists, cycling enthusiasts in Changzhou, west side of Taihu, the common experience of the charm of the event.

in order to allow more riding enthusiasts to participate in the implementation of the race around the Qinghai Lake cycling tournament + ride tour. Riding group is not limited to age, gender, as long as you love cycling, love sports can be put into the game. The public riding activities attracted more than and 100 people to participate in, although their tour does not record the rankings, but participants have been carefully prepared by the organizers gift.

is worth noting that the WuXi Railway Station game attracted many domestic famous team to participate in, for example, send off – Xin Yuan hung team, Chaoyang tire team, UCC Chinese teams have appeared in the tournament. In addition, the Changzhou local team also responded with great enthusiasm, his riding service team, electromechanical lightning Knights team, peace cycling clubs, all entries cavalry team.

yesterday, respectively, the men’s road group, the women’s mountain group and the men’s mountain group game. The competition is fierce, and ultimately won the championship in the Changzhou Ye Hao ShangHai Railway Station team successfully defending Wang Xiaoyun in this war, won the crown of the mountain step zhe man group China team Cai Zhengqing also completed his defending war. After the game Cai Zhengqing excitedly said: the next stop will be going to Xiamen division, the finals will go to Qinghai Lake, hoping to get the championship, too yearning."

it is understood that, in addition to riding the tour group is not involved in the rankings and awards, the remaining 20 groups to participate in the admission of the first prize, and can be eligible to participate in the annual finals. Qinghai Lake bicycle League finals in Haiyan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, where the most magnificent scenery and the most mysterious plateau culture, more importantly there is the most professional cycling track, this is the best of the tournament is undoubtedly the amateur cycling enthusiasts. Until now, Qinghai Lake bicycle Chengdu division, Shanghai division and Wuxi Division has come to an end, the next league will be fought in the southern coastal city, the plan at the end of May to mid June were completed in Xiamen division and Guangzhou division game. In July 9th, the championship five Division of the top 20 players will decide the first Qinghai Lake League in Haiyan county.


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