watch the 9 and 3 of all ethnic groups from all walks of life in Tiananmen Square parade full of e

When the national flag rises, when the salute sounded, we may not be on the scene, but the heart of the blessing for the motherland are together to be reviewed."

"morning live to see, my heart is very excited. In particular, the general secretary said disarmament 300 thousand, highlighting the power of great powers, to defend the determination and commitment to world peace." Ma Baoxiang said that since childhood education on their own, a good man, and neighbors live in peace, they have the ability to help people around.

filed past, Ma Baoxiang is very low-key, simply said, these are a party, a Chinese should have responsibility and role. Watching TV, speaking from the general secretary, to the grand parade, every shot, Ma Baoxiang are all eyes.

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