44 principals collective wisdom to live on campus

February 22nd, Chengzhong District vice president of 44 principals, collectively came to the sunshine primary school south of the region, they will collectively study here for 5 days, and to go home, 5 days, they will learn the related knowledge of collective city basic education management talents to enhance the ability of the mind, in the storm, to learn more about people are satisfied with the wisdom of education.

reporter learned that principals through 5 consecutive days of "brainstorming" changes, make their vision, vision, thought and some matter, make their own idea of the school to get updates, to break the previous inherent pattern and ideological imprisonment, began to acquire updated knowledge and ideas, so that teachers face the students the attitude of teaching new, new ways and methods of teaching, through the efforts, let the education return to the origin, let the students feel the joy of growth, let teachers enjoy the expression of rich and colorful life. It is understood that the 5 day of learning, principals will spread widely and deeply discussed under the guidance of experts, the collision of numerous teaching reform spark, through interactive communication, communication, lectures, watching videos, brainstorming, reading, sharing plan comparison and case analysis, the scene point rating more multi-faceted combination principals stimulate innovative thinking, enhance enthusiasm, by changing the principals of the inner thinking, create an outstanding principals, implementation of narrowing the gap between schools, let the children share the goal of quality education.


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