On the recommendation of the fourth national model candidates

in order to implement the party’s eighteen spirit, give full play to the exemplary role of the moral model, to promote the further improvement of the level of social morality, the formation of a strong spiritual force to achieve the Chinese dream. The Central Propaganda Department, the central civilization office this year to carry out the fourth national moral models award in recognition of activities. National moral model selection is divided into "good models" and "courageous and exemplary", "honest and trustworthy model" and "dedication model" and "filial respect for the model five. We welcome the majority of cadres and the masses to actively recommend the province’s national moral model candidates, and actively participate in moral model practice.

1, the recommended way: please recommend me national moral models the candidates name, work unit, address, telephone number and the main story and your telephone in the form of a letter sent to our province national moral models contest organizing committee (Qinghai province civilization) zip code: 810000 Tel: 0971-8482565, 8482156. The recommended selection standard please login Qinghai Civilization Network (address: http://s.qhwmw.com), Qinghai News Network (website: http://s.qhnews.com).

2, recommended deadline: May 15, 2013. (postmark)

3, recommended incentives: recommended by the national moral model candidates recommended by the national recognition, the organizing committee will be a way to reward the award of 5 referrals, the reward of $1000.

Qinghai province spiritual civilization construction Steering Committee Office  

  in April 27, 2013;

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