Create a city civilized law enforcement to promote urban civilization

  a wide range of social investigations, even the first local pilot, is the path to ensure that the penalty is appropriate. In short, the amount of punishment must be based on the set of reasonable, but also effective.

littering spitting fine of 200 yuan, 200 yuan fine, not clean up roadside pets fined 500 yuan, 500 yuan penalty ban smoking in non designated places, placement, dumping, incineration fined 5000 yuan, damaged, demolition of environmental sanitation facilities fined 10 thousand yuan…… These contents are from numerous penalties for the first time in August 28th passed the "Shenzhen special zone civilization promotion regulations (Draft)" behavior. It is reported that the behavior of the civilized behavior of citizens in the country for the first time legislation.

draft in the legislation is the first time is not important. It is important that how to make a good law, and the law can effectively do. From the point of view of public concern, nothing more than stop in the behavior of the punishment, how to understand the scale of punishment and punishment by who, which is also the focus of public opinion controversy.

like littering such uncivilized behavior should not be punished? Some people say that civilization is not punished. It was also said that the quality of the Chinese good and bad, not good to apply the same penalty standards. Of course, these criticisms have some truth, but careful analysis, but does not constitute a negative punishment. Advocacy and punishment are aimed at "promoting"". Advocate more belongs to the moral level, is a typical self-discipline; punishment is more belongs to the rule of law, is a typical heteronomy. Self discipline is the foundation, heteronomy can guarantee. To advocate and civilization of uncivilized punishment is not "alternatively" RadioButtonList, but the two sides should run parallel.

as for the quality problem, seemingly "national conditions" so, in fact, otherwise. A lot of people in the country wanton violation of law, to the country on the honest, disciplined moment. This is not because of their quality in the moment to get a foreign country has been greatly improved, but because the institutional environment, law enforcement environment dictates. Therefore, the lack of Chinese people is not a moral, but a perfect system and effective law enforcement of the human environment. In this sense, the legislative practice of Shenzhen is of positive significance.

As to how to punish the scale of

, is indeed a major problem to test the legislative technology. The penalty amount is too low, no touch of offenders, offenders will encourage arbitrary and arrogant. Fixed penalty is too high, but also contrary to the purpose of promoting civilization, it is also possible to slide into the penalty economy". 200 yuan is good, or a good $500, which is not on paper to determine. A wide range of social surveys, and even the first part of the pilot is to ensure that the penalty amount of scientific and appropriate path. In short, the amount of punishment must be based on the set of reasonable, but also effective.

this legislation is the most difficult, I am afraid that "who will punish". The right to hold the penalty is not large, the difficulty of holding a large penalty amount is not much, the penalty is relatively more resistance. The full handed by the police to punish, the corresponding problem is: tube over? If handed over by the urban management to punish, there are;

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