New performance increase in the province of rain aircraft

9 month 2 days, the reporter learned from the provincial meteorological station, in order to support our province of artificial rainfall, Chinese Meteorological Bureau will deploy high performance rainfall aircraft — "Xinzhou 60", for our province Sanjiang source region, the upper reaches of the Yellow River and the eastern agricultural area of artificial rainfall. It is reported that in 10 years, the meteorological department in Sanjiang source area of artificial rainfall, a total increase of precipitation of 53 billion 164 million cubic meters.

it is understood that the "Xinzhou 60" operational aircraft is China Meteorological Bureau as a "high performance rainfall aircraft added billions of pounds of food engineering in the northeast region of weather ability construction project purchase, mainly for the northeast area of artificial rainfall and atmospheric sounding. In order to support the work of artificial rain in Sanjiang source region of our province, our province has been the lack of suitable mitigation in Sanjiang source region, the problem, the implementation of high performance artificialprecipitation operation and test this year, Chinese Meteorological Bureau will call the "Xinzhou 60" national high performance aircraft rainfall, artificial rainfall promotes our province work ability. According to the Provincial Meteorological Bureau figures, deputy director of the office of He Shengcun, the "Xinzhou 60" is expected to Qinghai to carry out artificial rainfall operations, in mid September when the implementation will be in Sanjiang, the source region of the upper reaches of the Yellow River and the eastern agricultural area etc..

It is reported that

, Sanjiang province is the birthplace of the source region of Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Lancang River, a total area of 363 thousand square kilometers, accounting for more than half the land area of the province, China is the most important water source, have very important influence on the ecological environment of China and global climate change and ecological environment. With the full implementation of the source region of Sanjiang artificial rainfall project, the meteorological department of Qinghai province since the beginning of 2006, in the year 3 to September, 10 consecutive years to carry out the development of air water resources and improve the ecological environment, increase the area of precipitation for the purpose of the source of the Sanjiang aircraft artificial rainfall and ground artificial precipitation. According to statistics, during the 10 year period, a total increase of precipitation of 53 billion 164 million cubic meters, only in the upper reaches of the Hequ river area to increase the the Yellow River runoff of 7 billion 771 million cubic meters.


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