Nanjing housing prices over 21 rising Wuxi end 11 rising the

Jiangsu as a more developed economy in our city, the competitive strength in the city is also very prominent, so many people are going to the city development, local housing prices are also a rise again! Nanjing and Wuxi housing prices fell, the National Bureau of statistics released yesterday of the 70 large and medium-sized city monthly data show that changes in rates in December last year, Nanjing and Wuxi, new commercial housing prices were down 0.1%, so the end of the former 21 rising prices, the latter end of 11 rising". Yangzhou and Xuzhou home prices rose 0.9% and respectively, compared with, narrowed by 1 percentage points in November.

Nanjing and Wuxi last year are the focus of this round of regulation of the hot city". Since October last year, the two real estate prices have begun to narrow, in November rose 0.3% QoQ, respectively, and 0.8%. National Bureau of statistics included in the statistics of 15 hot cities, there are 14 cities prices are up.

City National Bureau of Statistics Division Senior Statistician Liu Jianwei explained that the 15 first tier and second tier city hot local, since the city policy implementation regulation policy effect is obvious, the rapid price decline stabilization. Among them, 12 cities in December new commercial housing prices fell in the range of between 0.1 to 0.4 percentage points; the city of the same ring in the same period in the same city; Guangzhou rose by more than 0.7%, but has been down for the second consecutive month or 3.

cool down the market, the regulatory effect is significant, a second tier hot city collective rose to cool down, the risk of release, the rapid rise in housing prices and the basic elimination of panic psychology." Nanjing real estate development and Promotion Association Secretary General Zhang Hui think.

control continues in force, it can peep some statistics from the Wuxi urban housing in Wuxi in December last year, the proportion of the purchase demand accounted for 33.13%, an increase of 1.90 percentage points in November of that year; domestic and foreign buyers accounted for 64.65%, a decrease of 2.54 percentage points in November. Wuxi at the beginning of October, the purchase of credit limit, the proportion of buyers outside the city increase, but in November with the further regulation of fermentation, the proportion of foreign buyers from 69.58% to 67.19%, and then a further decline in December. This shows that foreign investors have been subject to the policy, and some are out of control.

but the reporter noted that, although the regulation of credit limit, such as the purchase of superimposed to form a resultant force, has obvious reverse market expectations, but from the fundamental point of view, the current prices fell, more is the hand multi function result, and not due to the price adjustment developers take the initiative.

Regulation of

after the upgrade, Nanjing new home market volume is not satisfactory, in December last year, half a month’s time in the local new houses is zero, until the second half of the listed "is part of the real estate" and open the granaries". Recommended

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