vegetarian the health of the whole to lead the new trend

is perhaps because the health of our this generation is vulnerable to threats, so people present in life are more focused on their physical and mental health, both the elderly or young people or children have health care concept, and this concept is permeated in every aspect of our lives. For example, the food and beverage industry, and now what kind of food and beverage project can win the trust of consumers, is undoubtedly a healthy food and beverage. Beijing vegetarian vegetarian restaurant is to provide people with the most delicious vegetarian food. Beijing vegetarian join headquarters to provide more vegetarian food and beverage brands, providing the most secret cooking process, let you eat. Food is a never saturated industry, in recent years, catering is very popular people’s favorite, the vegetarian vegetable dish in the choice of materials, formulation and operation, strictly according to the vegetarian imperial kitchen work program, vegetarian tastes delicious, let you eat.

vegetarian vegetarian lead the new trend of health


"vegetarian Liu in the heyday of 30s, at that time, many people like to eat vegetable dish, Beijing Temple Buddhist temple for Buddhist temple, people in the funeral will be for vegetarian feast. At this time the "vegetarian Liu" in addition to the Dongan market was making about 40 pounds of vegetable dish for everyday, in the stalls sales, also should please, do the whole vegetarian feast for the temple, Buddhist people do cook for the funeral. The whole family depends on the number of people, his wife, son, grandson of the whole family, busy all day long, sometimes not finished during the day, hit the night. However, from 1937, after the Japanese occupation of Peiping, until 1948, the eve of the liberation of Peiping, the whole vegetarian Liu business has always been depressed, maintaining the state of the store. In 1953, the "whole grain Liu" changed its name to "vegetarian", and the trade began to flourish. In private, vegetarian from a small Dongan South Garden market stalls, moved to Wangfujing street in front of the business, retail sales, behind the production. vegetarian join in order to expand the business, so far away from Wangfujing street, people can eat the delicious vegetable dish, in addition to 1986 in the afternoon, they set the counter in Tong County, Shijingshan District City, also set up a vegetable dish counters vegetarian, business is more prosperous.


maintains a vegan vegetable dish Liu Qing Dynasty palace features, can be arranged "44 the end" the whole table vegetarian feast. The so-called "44 the end" is the four pressure table (in dried fruits, sweets) four, four dishes and four pieces of cold meat (chicken, duck, fish, vegetables, a total of 16 cubits); also can do letinous edodes eight fried sugar dish, gluten, chestnut chicken, chicken liver tip and other 30 kinds of vegetable dish; later creation the spicy minced chicken, biscuiting mutton, intestines, tripe and other nuts in many new varieties. A table of chicken, duck, fish, meat, color incense shape and taste, a mouth drooling with greed. Can give the chopsticks taste but made people be startled at, never applaud then, fresh meat that is vegetarian, just like just. This is the "vegetarian vegetarian" Kung fu.

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