Boiled dumplings ten brands list the whole

for dumplings this pasta, but countless people are very fond of delicious, but as a very important staple food in China, the current market also has a lot of brands. The following small series will introduce you to the top ten dumplings list, so that we have a better understanding of our dumplings market.

ten Boiled dumplings brand ranking NO.1, miss Chinese: won the brand-name products, ten Boiled dumplings brand, China 500 most valuable brands, one of the largest China frozen food business, Zhengzhou Miss Food Co. ltd..

ten Boiled dumplings brand ranking NO.2, three: the invention of China’s first frozen dumplings, a famous brand in Henan Province, one of the leaders of the country’s largest enterprises, frozen food industry, Sanquan food Limited by Share Ltd.

ten Boiled dumplings brand rankings: NO.3, Wan Chai pier belonging to the United States General Mills, the domestic well-known brand of frozen food industry, one of the most influential brands, General Mills (China) Co. ltd..

ten NO.4 Boiled dumplings brand rankings, dumplings: national protection of trademark, the famous trademark of Jiangsu Province, a famous fast-food chain brand, the internationalization of Chinese fast-food chain enterprises, Daniang dumpling restaurant group Limited by Share Ltd.

ten Boiled dumplings brand ranking NO.5, Longfeng: founded in 1979 in Taiwan, Sanquan food under the flag of China won the brand-name, frozen food industry very well-known brands, Shanghai guofulongfeng Food Co. ltd..

dumpling ten brand list NO.6, Overlord: in 1975, Taiwan, set catering / frozen food industry / industry / entertainment and business as one of the diversified enterprise, Sea King (Shantou) Food Co., ltd..

ten Boiled dumplings brand ranking NO.7, Cody: founded in 1985, won the Chinese brand, key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Glutinous Rice Balls ten brands, private joint-stock enterprises, Kedi food group Limited by Share Ltd.

dumpling ten brand list NO.8, Anjoy Anjoy: Fujian province famous trademark, agricultural industrialization provincial key leading enterprises, the domestic fast food industry leading brand, Fujian Anjoy food Limited by Share Ltd.

ten Boiled dumplings brand ranking NO.9, Youkang: founded in 1992, was awarded the famous brand Chinese, Sino foreign joint ventures, the top 500 private enterprises, the industry’s most competitive brands, Youkang food group limited.

dumplings ten brands list NO.10, five Feng: Zhejiang famous business

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