The trick to allow entrepreneurs what talent shows itself

now the number of entrepreneurs on the market is so much, if you do not have some of the relevant know-how, but also how to ensure that entrepreneurs can stand out? So, let entrepreneurs stand out the trick? Henikefu and Wheeler offers four tips to entrepreneurial talent shows itself.

1, to meet the needs of quality

"we’re looking for talented people," said Beh Nikov. This means that they should be able to various uncertainties calmly, passionate about their ideas, to take positive action. He said: "the best entrepreneurs business plan is always feasible, but does not consume a lot of money."

2, don’t indulge in creative

1871 digital enterprise Venture Center has a common workspace to promote the activities of the name Technori. Activities, entrepreneurs need to introduce their creativity in front of 500 people. Beh Nikov says these activities provide opportunities for sharing and real feedback. Such an environment can prevent entrepreneurs from committing too early to indulge in their own creative mistakes. "All of the ideas need a lot of work in the early stages," Beh Nikov said.

"if you are not willing to accept the proposal, you can not adjust to find a more effective way to solve the problem."

3, to win

Another trick for

to increase the chance of winning is "a creative, multiple version" and quickly implement these versions. "If you are making prototypes of new products, you need to spend an hour doing a style, produced a total of five, which do not spend more time, don’t expect six months will be able to create a perfect product," Beh Nikov said, "this will make you more organic will find the best market product."

4, with good people together

said 1871 Wheeler entrepreneurship center this work space to solve the majority of entrepreneurs simple but urgent need: there is a place to sit down every day. Sitting next to this seat may be another entrepreneur, he is willing to share tips to raise angel investment. Similarly, search engine optimization, in law, accounting training and business leaders to guide the course to help aspiring entrepreneurs need to learn skills and building relationships in the fields of science and technology, "said.

and sometimes foreign leaders. Before the NATO summit, British Prime Minister David? Cameron (DavidCameron) asked to visit the 1871 digital enterprise entrepreneurship center is part of the purpose of strengthening economic ties between the United States and britain. However, Cameron is well aware of the potential of the digital industry

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