Husband and wife homemade bags under the eyes of Taobao hot

has a couple to seize the opportunity, with a small homemade bags under the eyes, creating a great wealth! Don’t you believe it? So let me take you to see the small! I hope a lot of friends to go out of business can also benefit from!

Three years of free strategy

all this is largely due to the promise of "Ma twice. The number of large to attract small and medium-sized sellers are called "ants", they for the Taobao Empire contributed most of the income, including advertising, commissions and value-added services. And eventually surfaced realize enterprise operation "C" is not much, what Jingjing "pouch made" on them.

08 to 09 is Taobao’s largest dividend period. At that time, the rise of the seller is a good product, two years ago, there is a product team, and a year ago to do a good job is the product of a team of capital. "Every year to enter the threshold are high, more and more harsh conditions," fortunately, where Jingjing will join them that, during the gold rush at the beginning.

08 at the beginning of the year, architecture is also very simple, far from the sorting function and so rich in goods on display, what will be referred to as "wild times". His girlfriend occasionally sell some second-hand idle goods on top of it. He has a full-time job in school. Until one day a Korean friend asked him to digest a group of stocks, they began to consider the concept of "quantity". "I go into Sijiqing now during the lunch break, we take pictures at night all night. The second day I go to work."

"when things are cheap, each also earned one or two. But credit rating is very important, we can raise a drill every month." The first time he had to leave home to write the note in their store in a sweater theme day activities, "one sold more than and 300. At that time, the activities are limited, but very effective."

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