Peking University initiated innovation and entrepreneurship support program

whether it is innovation, or entrepreneurship, or the combination of the two, in the current venture capital market, in fact, need relevant support, so as to be able to develop in the fierce competition. To this end, Peking University launched innovative entrepreneurship support program to help students better development of entrepreneurship.

of the Peking University in order to further enhance the ability of university to serve the national strategy, expand the positive role played by our school in the pattern of the change of economic structure adjustment and development mode in the school, according to the development of the relevant arrangements, Peking University Alumni Association, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, College of Engineering Alumni Association and two branch north Entrepreneurs Club and other relevant units Peking University jointly launched the "innovation and entrepreneurship support program".

support program based on Peking University education resources, research resources, alumni resources, entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial research and incubator, venture capital fund four integrated services business philosophy; to comprehensive university resources advantage, help youth entrepreneurship, promote scientific and technological achievements, and strive to explore the University platform to support national innovation policies, comprehensive support the methods and means of Youth Science and technology entrepreneurship based on China.

by Peking University Institute of industrial research platform, to carry out a comprehensive research on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, science and technology achievement transformation project incubator, the Peking University Alumni Association resources platform, focus on entrepreneurial projects, cooperate fully with the mentoring program and North entrepreneurial services alliance program.

at the same time, relying on the success of Peking University Entrepreneurs Club business and investment in the field of alumni, the establishment of venture capital funds for venture capital projects, a comprehensive and pragmatic help young entrepreneurs to develop innovative projects landing. Among them, the Peking University entrepreneurial training camp and Peking University Venture Capital Fund approved by the relevant departments, has been carried out, and led by the Peking University entrepreneur club.

entrepreneurship in the current has become the theme of the times, coupled with the strong support of local governments, which will help more college students on the road to success. The Peking University will launch such a plan that will have a greater impetus to the development of the cause of Peking University.

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