Not as good as entrepreneurship

is now the city’s soaring prices in various cities, in order to buy a dwelling place, a few generations together, people feel sad, but also caused a lot of people think. If there is such a wealth, we in the end is to buy a house, or to start a business? And here, Xiaobian show position: buy a house as entrepreneurial!

is now a lot of young people, the house has become a great pressure in their hearts of the mountains. Generally speaking, if you just graduated from the house to buy a large pressure, in fact, you can first work or entrepreneurship, wait until the time is ripe to buy a house. But some people say that they can wait, but the mother-in-law can agree? This kind of helplessness just reveals our reality.

is in the start-up phase of the majority of young people have to face the current high prices and the dual problems of entrepreneurship. Want to start a business, but also to buy a home, which was originally a contradiction between the body, the first venture is not questioned, the first home is understandable, each has its urgency, the key depends on the conditions in which you are. For a one-child family conditions are good for young people, the natural home become easy, home for the elderly to enjoy the money under the provincial housing reform bonus plus one family for decades savings out bear down payment, it is naturally a lot easier.

online data show that the average age of the first suite of loans in Beijing is only 27 years old, much higher than the UK’s age of 37, as well as Germany, Japan, the age of 42. Suppose that young Chinese, who are 18 years old, go to college, graduate at the age of 22, and only work for about 5 years, they are going to face the purchase of more than a million properties, which is obviously impossible without the help of their parents.

on the contrary, most young people in Europe and the United States are more independent, accustomed to the flow of life so that they set a higher goal of life. In the eyes of their more than and 30 year old did not belong to his own house is normal, and friends of the rental housing are they usually used, so it can avoid the annual property tax and property management expenses, they will focus more on work and enjoy the pleasure of life.

this is the young people in different countries attitude towards work and life, we young people like graduation was to promote a crowded street, in the mind as Chinese the traditional way of thinking, people pushing us forward, can not stop, can not turn back, time to reflect, there is no time think carefully, be unsuspectingly pushed forward, always feeling of struggle is not easy, walk may forget the original ideal.

so, in the current society, we still need to insist, it is best to have a cause of their own, to find suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects, strive for two or three years, maybe a first pay out.

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